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Katie Freeman was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1981. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing technology in 2004. Professionally she spent 18 years working in engineering roles across several industries. In 2017 she started her own woodworking business to design and build custom furniture and home décor pieces. In 2022 she decided to further develop her design skills and is now pursuing a Masters of Fine Art in 3D Design at the University of Iowa. Much of her work combines organic shapes and textures. Katie’s work has been exhibited in Iowa, North Carolina, London and New York City.


Artist statement

In the professional trajectory of Katie Freeman, they emerge as a fusion of diverse influences and experiences, leveraging these elements to share their distinctive design narrative and engage with the broader human experience. Guided by the intersectionality of their identity, Katie synthesizes aspects of queerness, nature, and the intricacies of human existence. Within the realm of their fluid and continuously evolving design practice, Katie transcends conventional boundaries, inviting clients and observers to immerse themselves in the dynamic interplay of color, form, and texture.

Spanning disciplines such as woodworking, metalsmithing, and digital fabrication, Katie Freeman navigates the sweet spot where wild concepts meet tangible design results. Their creative expressions initiate a visual dialogue, prompting thoughtful consideration and fostering a shared aesthetic sensibility. Each project beckons clients and onlookers to explore the intricacies of design identity, thereby encouraging a broader dialogue on the fluidity inherent in the human condition. Freeman's designs invite patrons to embark on a journey of aesthetic discovery, transcending conventional norms and applauding the multilayered beauty found in the diverse tapestry of human experience.

Awards & Exhibitions

What is Art? - 5th Edition - London 2023

Academy Center of the Arts Annual National Juried Art Exhibition - North Carolina 2023

Colorium - Canada 2023 (Online only)

"It Takes Two" Exhibit - University of Iowa, 2023

International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) - New York City, 2023

SIT Furniture Design Award - Category Stool, 2023



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