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Delve into our thoughtfully curated furniture collection, drawing inspiration from the captivating shapes found in nature. Each piece reflects the innate beauty of organic forms, seamlessly translated into functional and stylish furniture by Katie Freeman Designs. Transform your living spaces with our collection, bringing a touch of nature's elegance into every corner.


Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing allure of beach glass, my exploration delved into the intricate connection between glass and sand, recognizing their inseparable relationship. By studying the molten glass shapes formed in a hot shop, I sculpted a lounge chair that echoes those elegant contours.

Molten Set

Inspired by the Molten fiberglass chair created in 2022, I created a set to accompany the chair which includes a foot rest, side table, and coat rack.

Katie Freeman Designs_Edges stool_03.jpg

This enchanting stool showcases a geometric form made for comfort. The form creates such intrigue from every angle while being designed for strength.

A serious statement piece, Flow’s organic form is inspired by nature. Carved from a single log with bold textures and colors really set this piece apart. Expertly crafted one-by-one, made to order in a variety of North American hardwoods, color choices and finish.

Katie Freeman_Soundwave_02.jpg

Inspired by the calmness and quietness of the ocean, Sound Wave provides a space to find quiet in chaos. To many, the world can feel overwhelming, full of stimulation. Sound Wave was created to provide a space that can bring quiet and comfort. The acoustic tiles help dampen the surrounding sound. The color palette of rich dark walnut, safflower yellow and shades of violet, provide harmony and warmth. The simplicity of the geometric form brings an element of interest without overwhelming the senses.

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